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Our Goal

Premier High School offers a unique approach to learning. Many students struggle in a traditional educational environment. This struggle could be from not understanding the material at the same rate of the class or feeling hindered from progressing quicker because of the class. There are also students who would like to take additional time to retain the material more thoroughly. We recognize this and offer an option for these students to succeed.
We, as educators for Premier High School, believe:
  • the uniqueness of each student should be addressed through the teaching/learning process
  • quality teacher-student interaction is critical to learning
  • each student should be served with consistent academic integrity
  • our graduates are prepared to become productive parts of their community and society
  • literacy, knowledge, and character are fundamental to a free and democratic society
  • each student can learn
  • each student should be taught to be an independent learner
  • each student has worth and should be treated with honesty, dignity, and respect
  • self-esteem and positive mental attitude are fundamental to student fulfillment
  • the goal of education is to produce lifelong learners
  • education is a partnership among students, parents, educators, businesses, and the community